Golf Cash Wind Calculator :- What is that?

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Golf cash wind calculator is a calculator which can make wind adjustments. The calculator is used by players to make calculate some important features which can listed as follows:

  • Calculator helps in calculation minimum and maximum power
  • Use for club selection and calculating level designation
  • Give a clear estimation of the wind input
  • Provide calculation on wing ring charts
  • Helps in providing a timestamp

Player’s viewpoint

Most of the pro players use the gold cash calculator to have a better experience.

Furthermore, they players for their own convince, have made a excel sheet which needs to use with excel application only.

Game experts recommends that using the spreadsheet with google sheets can mess up the entire table, so it’s better to avoid it.

When the spreadsheet is used with google sheets the drops down doesn’t seem to work and becomes very irritating and annoying.

Upgraded calculator

The   golf cash wind calculator keeps in mind the player’s level and then predicts what levels could be achievable using wind adjustments. The calculator compares the current player’s situation to a future prediction it can achieve.

The calculator takes in consideration the club specs, xx cards and coins to give an overview of what level could be achievable. Furthermore, it uses the calculator so that the player will also know how many coins and cards needs to be used to level up.


This calculator helps comparison of golf clubs. The picture mentioned above will portray all the clubs that are used in golf cash. In addition to make things simpler for the reader it is divided into various columns like driver, wood and so on.

With the help of this calculator the player would be able to change the weight category of each spec. furthermore it will give the players the ability to choose the best club in the group.

Wind calculator (mph per ring)

With the help of this calculator players will be able to analyse wind speed and also provide 3 values for club like min and mid club ranges, producing mph for max and calculate the extra mile for a max ring of 2.0.

The table presented above can easily have printout, if you have trouble viewing through the internet. Furthermore, clubs are highlighted in bold so that the player will have no trouble in calculating the ball power.

Wind calculator (Ring per mph)

This section will contain a similar table as the first one but the rings will be calculated based on mph.

It may seem difficult to use. In reality it is very simple use. All you need to do is to keep this spreadsheet beside you while playing the game.

Using the calculator you will able to adjust the actual wind speed or will have the ability to reduce the wind by 10 %.  The spreadsheet presented above will clear all your doubts.


Some gamers say that that using the golf cash notebook is all you need to have a smooth playing experience. 

While others say using the golf cash notebook from the application is helpful only for smartphone. Problems seems to arise when players begin to play in pc.

They say keeping a printed copy beside and playing the game makes the gameplay much easier.  Some complain that playing in Facebook is also a great option since it uses a separate window to play the game and gives a smooth and hassle free gaming experience

Final thoughts

Most of the people are in love with golf cash, since it only needs few controls to play the game. Moreover it uses the feature of real time gaming which is loved by users all around the world

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