How to play online on ps4 without PlayStation plus

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PlayStation plus is an online requirement, that is needed to play multiplayer game.

However there can be expectations. There are free to play game available of PlayStation network that does not need a PlayStation plus subscriber.

There no way you can play online multiplayers games like call of duty and GTA, without a subscription. Some of the free to games available can be listed as follows


Moist of people are sick of the same battle royal games. Thus they are searching for something new.

Dauntless is a new game that is launched in PSN network that lets you hunt muster. The game allows you to team up with your friends and take upon the most dangerous monsters.

This game can be played without the plus subscription.

Apex legends

Respawn entertainment stroked the bull’s eye with apex legends. This game became an overnight sensation and no time people were comparing it fortnight.

This game proved that developers need to spend million son marketing. You can have your avatar or stick with your own squad to win a battle.

Fortnight battle royal

This game is one of the most played game in the world, but it will not require a plus membership.

The game has now come with new season and new maps. You can enjoy the game y fighting alone or have a win with the squads

Never winter

Not old schooled m but if you still like dungeons and dragons then you will surely fall in love with this game. This game is features a fantasy world that is full of mythical creatures.

You can explore the world of fantasy without having to spend extra money on PS plus. Thus game is slowly gaining popularity and the love it deserves


If you are fan of multiplayer and love playing game in matches, then this one is the perfect fit. You will have the ability to team with 5 players and challenge a powerful god.

You can have all the fun while watching this game and the best part it is free to play

Hawken and brawlhalla

Here you will have to operate futuristic machines. The machines are can be used for playing challenges during battles.

The machines are bundled with power packed features like good aim and armour. There are lots o fighting games that are available in the market, but there are only few that can capture the experience and these are known as brawlhalla.

This game can be played online to test where you stand with the other players. This game is available at placation so you won’t need a membership.

Dc universe

This game lets you play with the most iconic hero’s from universe like the superman.

This is massive online multiplayer game that is available from 2013. This game is also available for free.

Final thoughts

From the above information, it is clear that PS plus membership is needed to play the most extravagant game, but there are also games which are available for free and this list enlightens you about that

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